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Sir Shri Ram

Sir Shri Ram Lala Shri Ram was born on April 27, 1884. First son of Madan Mohan Lal and Chando Devi, Lala Shri Ram got most of his early education from a Municipal Primary School in Bazaar Sita Ram. He matriculated in March, 1900 and later got himself enrolled for the Intermediate Arts course at Hindu College. In 1909, when he joined DCM, Lala Shri Ram was 25 years old.

Shri Ram College of Commerce

Shri Ram College of Commerce

Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Notice Board

  • 01-May-2018

    Periodic Assessment-1 Begins (Grade: IV to VIII)

    Aerobics for fitness (Nur-KG)

  • 02-May-2018

    Inter house JAM Competition (Grade: I-VIII)

    Hindi Recitation (Nur-KG)

  • 04-May-2018

    Road Safety + Traffic Rules (Grade:3)

  • 05-May-2018


  • 07-May-2018

    Inter House Poem Recitation Competition : Rabindra Nath Tagore (Grade-4)

  • 08-May-2018

    Alphabet Treasure Hunt (Nur-KG)

    Periodic Assessment-1 Begins (Grade: I to III)

  • 09-May-2018


  • 10-May-2018

    Eat Healthy be Healthy (Nur-KG)


  • 11-May-2018

    Mother’s Day (House: IV)

  • 14-May-2018

    Summer camp begins

    Summer Holidays Begin: (Nur-V)

  • 18-May-2018


  • 30-May-2018

    D.E.A.R: Drop Everything And Read 

Welcome to Shri Ram Global School

A child is inherently a learner with a natural inclination to explore, discover and share that new-found knowledge with family and associates. In today's age, for a child to grow up into a responsible and responsive citizen, indeed a sensitive global citizen, a whole new mindset is vital in imparting learning in school which addresses a child's multifarious developmental needs.

It is with this motivation that Sir Shri Ram took the initiative in the field of education and set up some of India's renowned educational institutions. For almost a century, the Shri Ram family has created, supported and managed the country's finest educational institutions, The Shri Ram College of Commerce and Lady Shri Ram College being among them, which were ranked by an India Today survey as the country's top colleges in Commerce and Arts respectively. Today, these reputed institutions are delivering quality education and nurturing their students' development – both in terms of knowledge and character, to help them emerge as confident and perspicacious individuals.

Shri Ram Global School is an initiative of the Shri Ram Education Trust and it is one of the best schools in Delhi. The infrastructure, internal facilities and curriculum makes it unique amongst all schools in west Delhi. Also this is surely a top choice in top 10 schools in west Delhi. If you are confused about choosing the right school for your child and want to opt for best in west then check out the list of schools in west Delhi and choose the best school in Delhi. We at Shri Ram Global make sure the best and quality education to your ward which surely makes the school top schools in west Delhi.